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Money Medicine: Merging Your Passion With Purpose

Money Medicine: Merging Your Passion With Purpose


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Hey gorgeous. Discover how merging your passion and purpose can be your ultimate financial strategy!

You may ask yourself, where does this cross paths? Doing so gives you a chance to create a unique business identity that no one can replicate. Learn about the alchemy of transforming passion and purpose into your sustainable income stream. Understand how impact and income are directly connected.

In this episode, we explore the essence of money medicine and how it intertwines with fulfilling work. Master the art of finding your ‘whys’ more than the ‘what’. Yes, a purpose beyond your personal goals!

Start embracing your matriarch stage of life, where you are called to nurture and cultivate humanity. As feminine entrepreneurs, see it as your contribution to our growing society.

We also delve into the concept of being multi-passionate and how it can enrich your business identity. Recognize how embracing various passions can lead to one-of-a-kind business potential and deeper connections. Truly, our passions can all come together to create a unique and thriving business model.

Make your business a pathway for service. Think of it as your calling, financial rewards come as a byproduct of their authentic alignment. Begin creating a life well-lived!

Be inspired and tune in to Money Medicine: Merging Your Passion With Purpose. Don’t forget to leave a five-star review!

I'm Julie Steelman, a devoted ally for women's empowerment and feminine financial freedom. With over 30 years of unprecedented business success and a great love for wildlife, I've merged my passions into an expertise to help women like you thrive financially and flourish as a feminine entrepreneur.

Using my proven ultimate income breakthrough formula, we’ll dial in your lucrative message, unleash your earning power, and get you on the path to financial security in your business. Together, we'll boost your money confidence, ignite your feminine financial power, and get you the extraordinary results and impact you’ve been longing for.

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