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Sacred Selling with Sage Lavine

Sacred Selling with Sage Lavine


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Hey, gorgeous! Now’s the time to embrace the power of sacred sales in business!

Join us in this episode as we uncover the transformative essence of sales as women and authentic self-expression in business. Sage Lavine, a former schoolteacher, revolutionized her life by embracing her unique calling, leading her to become a CEO and impacting over half a million women. 

Dive into creating a successful business by aligning your true self with your professional goals. Learn the art of building genuine relationships and community in the entrepreneurial world. Understand the importance of selling with integrity and aligning your offerings with your values. 

Are you ready to redefine your approach to business and sales?

▶️ Be inspired and tune in –  Women Rocking Business with Sage Lavine.

Key Points:

Learn the power of sacred sales. The concept of 'sacred sales' is a transformative approach to selling that is both spiritually fulfilling and effective. It's about changing the narrative around sales to one of positive engagement.

Create impactful client relationships. Learn how creating a community and engaging in honest, sacred conversations can lead to more meaningful and successful business interactions.

You are a formidable client magnet. Harness the strength of speaking to connect with and attract clients. Live speaking engagements, both in-person or virtual, provide a dynamic and engaging way to convey your message, build trust, and establish a personal connection with your audience.

Turn challenges into opportunities. Learn from Sage’s story transformation where a crisis was turned into a thriving business opportunity. With the right mindset, challenges can be converted into a platform for success.

Your voice has a transformative power! Understand the societal impact of women's voices in business. We delve into the importance of female entrepreneurs using their voice and how it changes narratives and fosters leadership today.

Calling all women entrepreneurs! Join Sage Lavine’s Rock the Stage 5-Day Live Challenge this Jan 23-27, 2024.

Sage Lavine, CEO of Women Rocking Business and a beacon for female entrepreneurs globally joins us today. Author of the best-seller 'Women Rocking Business,' and a TEDx speaker, Sage's journey is a testament to empowering women through business. With her passion for purpose-driven entrepreneurship, she's raised over a million dollars for humanitarian causes, advocating for women and the environment. Today, Sage inspires us with her vision of a world where gender pay gaps don't exist and every woman's business dream is a reality. 

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